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Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Sue M. Swank is a self taught artist. In her youth, she taught herself how to draw and paint and experimented with several mediums such as oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel and watercolor.

Her interest in photography developed when she picked up a National Geographic magazine and studied the images. She was impressed with the passion and "wow" factor she felt with every image she studied.

With every magazine she picked up, her eyes zoned in on every image, studying every detail from the angles, lighting, to the editing.

With her first point and shoot camera, she set out to replicate a "National Geographic style" result. She felt the key to their images was passion.

During her career as a Victims Advocate, she would often use her photography as a form of relaxation, reminding herself that the world was still an amazing planet, filled with life and passion.

Soon, she invested in a better camera, editing software and books on photography. Through many hours of studying books, other works of art, watching documentaries,etc. on her own, she began to develop her own unique style of photography.

9 years ago, she took a leap of faith and left her career as a Victims Advocate and created "Swank Photography".

With her tagline of "See the world through my eyes", she offers her clients a chance to experience the world the way she sees it. Her passion for life and beauty is often uniquely portrayed within her images. Thus, capturing the clients attention to her own perspective.

Sue M. Swank enjoys traveling and is an avid user of "available rel='nofollow' rel='nofollow' /natural light" and is often seen on location shooting anything from wildlife, to a scenic landscape, to a lovely model, she has also been known to challenge her photography skills and creativity by creating highly controversial and graphic images, thus offering her clients a bold look at the darker side of life.

Though, Sue M. Swank has been published in several magazines and has worked with a wide range of clients, including the famous and non famous, her most favorable photography experience to date was when she entered an image to "Your Shot" on the National Geographic website and had it picked as "top 12" during that same month.

Currently she is also available for private commission assignments as well.

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MOONLIGHT by Swank Photography


MOONLIGHT PATH by Swank Photography


WATERFALL by Swank Photography


DREAMLAND TROPICS by Swank Photography


INFRARED OLD 7 MILE BRIDGE by Swank Photography


INFRARED TROPICS by Swank Photography


OCEAN BREEZE by Swank Photography


Beaten Path by Swank Photography


LOVE SONG IN THE MAKING by Swank Photography


MEMORIES OF SPAIN by Swank Photography


LE' BALLERINA by Swank Photography


CHAOS THEORY by Swank Photography


DARE TO STAND OUT by Swank Photography


EVERGLADES TRAIL by Swank Photography


CONCH TRAVEL by Swank Photography


SWIRLS by Swank Photography


FLORIDA KEYS SUNSET by Swank Photography


SANDSPUR BEACH by Swank Photography


Lovers by Swank Photography


Dark Bloom by Swank Photography


Timeless by Swank Photography


LION by Swank Photography


EVERGLADES by Swank Photography


Angel In The Shadows 2 by Swank Photography


Angel In The Shadows 1 by Swank Photography


SEA ANEMONE by Swank Photography


KEY WEST by Swank Photography


WHITE ORCHIDS by Swank Photography


UNTAMED by Swank Photography


MOTHERS' LOVE by Swank Photography